1000 Drawings Amsterdam

The story of 1000 Drawings

International drawings festival 1000 Drawings collects and sells drawings for charity

On Friday 19 April 2013 the third consecutive 1000 Drawings Amsterdam unfolds at Flemish Arts Centre De Brakke Grond. Professional or amateur, anyone can donate A5-sized drawings to this celebratory sale, exhibition and party for charity.

All donated artworks compose one massive one night exhibition. Charcoal sketches, graffiti tags, and even children's drawings are exhibited with oil paintings, experimental art and concept art. Kim van Poelgeest, creative director 1000 Drawings Amsterdam: "We receive A5 art from all over the world. The first submissions of the year came by mail from a Tunisian artist. But we also received artworks from a school in Uganda. Apparently, people love donating their creativity to charity. At time of writing we count approximately 1.500 artworks and drawings keep coming in." On 19 April, the 'drawings' are for sale for a symbolic 10 EUR. Profits are donated to a selected charity, in 2013 Favela Painting in Brazil. Haas & Hahn, the (Dutch) artists and founders of the charity, help young, creative locals to transform their favela into a colorful artwork, essentially taking control of revitalizing their neighborhood.

1000 Drawings Amsterdam is an international grassroots-concept (1000 Drawings), founded in Johannesburg (South Africa). There are 1000 Drawings events in Amsterdam, Dubai and Cape Town. Drawings events in support of 1000 Drawings appear in cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and in Mexico City, São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Massachusetts, Bali, London, Victoria, Toronto, Philadelphia. 1000 Drawings Amsterdam is a project by 1000 Ideas Foundation.

1000 Drawings Amsterdam 2013 : 19 April in Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.


A lot of effort goes into organizing the event and collecting the drawings. Many people contribute by hosting us, inviting us, sponsoring us, partnering with us, and so on. But in the core of this venture there are a few key people who share the drive and love for creating this project, with the additional guidance and support from the board of the 1000 Ideas Foundation.

We will post more specific names and positions, but if you need to contact us for anything, please contact (Creative Director) for anything regarding production, programme or organization., or (Strategy Director) for anything regarding finance and PR.

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