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1000 Drawings Amsterdam

Time-lapse 1000 Drawings Amsterdam 2012

By Roald Joosen. Also check our Vimeo channel.

1000 Drawings Amsterdam Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond Past event: 11 May 2012

1000x thanks to all doodlers, artists and visitors for all the 2000+ drawings and for a wonderful collaborative event in Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, the exhibition/sale/party for charity! A big thanks to the entire crew, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, FairPen Foundation, 1000 Drawings Johannesburg, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Talens, Lyra, Vlaamsch Broodhuys, 1000 Ideas Foundation, WRT B.V., without whose contribution we wouldn't have been able to create this event so beautifully. Also on behalf of FairPen Foundation, the charity you supported!

  • Drawings exhibited: 2000+

1000 Drawings Amsterdam photo / video

Drawings everywhere

We could've added something to “Draw anything, with anything on anything A5!”. Draw ANYWHERE! We've been receiving doodles, drawings, artworks, calls, emails, and interest from far abroad. Drawings from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, USA, Mexico, Italy, France, Denmark, Hong Kong, Croatia, South Africa, Uganda, Serbia, Brazil, Poland, Finland and Sweden!

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Birds That Change Colour play their dark but playful psychfolk in the early night, and in the late night you heard uncut instrumental funk by The Jig in the RODE ZAAL. While browsing the exhibition and hunting for A5 sized jewels for your collection, you were treated to live music by one-man blues show Tiny Legs Tim, the honestly sweet singing by Barbara Breedijk, the one-woman multi-instrument show BomberLéo, and during the late night evening programme AntFunk & MikeyNice DJ set in the EXPO ZAAL, closed by DaDa Sessions with their new and exciting voice based danceable music! You could also draw or paint performing musicians together with visual artists Christa Logman, Sjanie Bon, and Marry van Heemskerk, and, of course, you simply listened and enjoyed the music of Maya & Adrian, Danalyze, and bossa-nova singer Jozefien Vingerling with Stefano Bocconi!

PLEXIGLASS ACT & Start collecting your drawings

At 22:00 hours you started to collect all your drawings! From that moment you encountered the "PLEXIGLASS ACT" that travelled from area to area, a participatory installation by interactive collective Losse Schroeven from Utrecht, assisted by various artists from the Paintshop!


There was so much to do! We made newsletters with FairPen in the programme that we're supporting. Drawing upside down with or without skills with your left hand (or something else superpossible) with Lieven Seegers. Many took the Love Story Theatre with Marcia van Oers, a hidden gem with doodle speed dating, free & fashionable clothing, styling, a photoshoot and more in the route upstairs in the RODE ZAAL! Beautiful drip painted butterflies and other objects made with special techniques by Riette Wanders. Frederike Top presented the Light and Shadow Show in which you played the protagonist. You signed the Doodle Guestbook ("Teken" het Gastenboek) in the WITTE ZAAL lounge area, and many started the photo exhibition of Pauline Beugnies with mural art by Ammar Abo Bakr.


A growing project that evolved over the night, including the backwards drawings of Lieven Seegers, but with the heartbeat centered in the TUINZAAL (again with the exhibition "Revolution of the Youth"). we're hosting a party with more music The Secret Love Parade DJ and Irene van der Vleuten, while drawing, painting, cutting, stencilling all sorts of objects (fussball!) with Jimmy Miller, Gabrielle Gordeau and Sjem Bakkus. And the big mural art piece now standing tall in the entrance area of De Brakke Grond by the same artists and Pieter Frank de Jong, Ottograph (Ipainteveryday), Mat Teizer, Michel Willemsen, Emiel Aalmoes and Niko Stumpo.. One piece was made in the workshop in advance, the beautiful backdrop by Gail Anne Howard, backing the bands in the Rode Zaal!


...a creative platform to collect and sell A5 drawings from and to everybody who loves to support the good cause and who appreciates a unique, interactive stage for artistic talents*!

* involved in art, music, fashion, theatre, photography, film, dance, literature, performance

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Our infinite gratitude to all artists and volunteers, participants, and supporters: Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, FairPen Foundation, 1000 Drawings Johannesburg, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), Talens, Lyra, Vlaamsch Broodhuys, 1000 Ideas board, WRT B.V., Vandejong, Pfff, Losse Schroeven, A Perfect Day-Tekenshow, Non-Fiction, Stadsherstel, Robstolk. Our thanks to all doodle events: A Perfect Day for 1000 Frames in Posthoornkerk, Drink & Draw, Lost Property Sessions, A Perfect Talent Night in Westergasfabriek, Lev Kaupas Housewarming, Bladenbal 2012 in Sugar Factory, Sonic Connections, CUT/COPY, Het Alternatief in Roest. Extra thanks to the international doodlers and the events outside The Netherlands: Topo/Copy with Ladda Love, Neter in Mexico City, private doodle sessions in Antwerp, Brussels, Bonn, Rotterdam, Scheveningen and elsewhere!

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