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1000 Drawings Amsterdam

Impression 1000 Drawings 2011 in TrouwAmsterdam

A video by Jeffrey van Vloten. Also check our Vimeo channel.

Timelapse 1000 Drawings Amsterdam 2011

1000 Drawings Amsterdam Timelapse from Roald Joosen on Vimeo.

Photo galleries (Facebook, mixed) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . click to visit

Photo galleries (Facebook, mixed) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . click to visit

1000 Drawings, 3 March 2011 in TrouwAmsterdam

It was amazing seeing all of you with so much enthusiasm, and taking this opportunity for charity, for Young in Prison!

1400+ Drawings

We collected more than 1400 drawings for the 1000 Drawings Amsterdam exhibition in Trouw! The theme was simple: “Draw anything, with anything on anything A5!” Thank you all for your contributions!

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...a creative platform to collect and sell A5 drawings from and to everybody who loves to support the good cause and who appreciates a unique, interactive stage for artistic talents*!

* involved in art, music, fashion, theatre, photography, film, dance, literature, performance


Serial Songwriters & Storytellers

Intimate sounds and stories from singer songwriters while browsing the 1400+ drawings gallery with Jacob Arch, Nikolai Cigale, Rufus Kain, Breno, Martin + Ramon, Sahand Sahebdivani, Leendert, Martine Stam, Vladimir Spisiak Trio

Live Doodle Jam

The Live Doodle Jam with two groups of artists hosted by Doodle Master Serge Bottse on improvisation music by the Vladimir Spisiak Trio. Doodle Jam artists: Gabrielle Gordeau, Jimmy Miller, Sjem Bakkus, Boxhead, MR.FLYone, Ben de Boef.

A bellydance intermezzo from performance group Al Noujoum with choreography by Julia Zafira, followed by danceable beats of DJ Dansor. Zorita, the gypsy band with almost as many members as the Serial Songwriters, got us all dancing in a positively vibrant mood.

Midnight Ceremony

Tomas & Maya perform the Hangdrum and Bells when the lights go out for the midnight ceremony. With Sebastien on Didgeridoo.

And so much more!

You experienced: Young in Prison with the community Fence Art project, an analog chat, a Doodle Consult workshop, an South African Karaoke, a bodypainted Eclectic Eleven who were captured in a live fashion shoot by Joost de Leij, breakdancer Soultrotter and the night was visually complemented by VJ's F and Voidd.

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Our infinite gratitude to all artists and volunteers, participants, and supporters: 1000 Drawings Johannesburg, Young in Prison, TrouwAmsterdam, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), Bite The Lemon, Athlon, Keesie, Vandejong, LimeLights, Project ASA. Extra thanks to all doodle events: Pecha Kucha, Hotel Aalborg, European Summit for Global Transformation, An Open Night Out, Mind Altering Science Conference, VLLA, Chocolate Club, De Brakke Grond, English Breakfast Radio, Magneetlab, LFTFLD, MixTup Market, RaZziN, Vandejong, Skate Dance, RAUW, Burgermeester, Mezrab, Ruigoord, Nieuwe Garde Amsterdam, Kriterion, Casual Friday Radio, Cultuurfabriek, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Handmade Heaven.

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